LifeMart means real savings for real life.
Your members will thank you.

Exclusive offers for child care, education, travel and more.

Life can be expensive. LifeMart, a members-only discount platform, provides offers and savings on major brands and everyday essentials to help your members stretch their dollar further.

From grocery and local coupons to child and senior care discounts, tickets, hotels, electronics and so much more; LifeMart has thousands of local and nationwide offers from brands your members know and love.

How We Helped Our Members Last Year

LifeMart can provide exclusive savings for all of life’s major purchases and everyday needs. Save your members time and money by offering access to discounts on child and senior care, travel and tickets, electronics, home security and much more all in one convenient location!

We’ve partnered with top brands including:

Who We Serve

LifeMart partners with top employers and member programs across the nation. Adding our closed-loop discount platform as an additional perk for your membership program or to your suite of employee benefits can help elevate any program to the next level.

Great company benefits matter and help with attracting and keeping employees! See how LifeMart can help improve employee retention and engagement.

Member & Loyalty Programs
Let LifeMart help take your member and loyalty program to the next level. By simply adding LifeMart, you can strengthen your program and grow your member base.

Why Choose LifeMart?

Engagement & Promotion
LifeMart partners are given the tools to help create a successful program that will drive engagement through virtually any channel including emails, flyers, banners and more.

Brand the site your way. Toggle on and off categories, vendors and offers. Even integrate your own discounts right onto LifeMart. Make our LifeMart your LifeMart!

Dedicated Support Team
Being a LifeMart partner means you will be matched with one of our client success managers. Let us help you make the most of our program for your members.

Mobile App Experience
Members can access their discounts anytime, anywhere with our mobile app. Available for download in the Google Play and Apple Store.

Thousands of companies use LifeMart every day!

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Request a demo to learn more on how we can provide our services to your members or fill out our merchant form if you are interested in providing a discount to our growing member base!

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